Online Order Confirmation

| by: Purspirit Cannabis Co.

The 21st century and the technology it brings presents all sorts of new possibilities in the world of entrepeneurial cannabis! Unfortunately, not all systems are developed equally...

2021 has presented a serious set of changes for the Dispensaries of Arkansas both on a group & individual level. For us at Purspirit that means: transitioning systems not once, but twice before 2022 is even here! We are unchanged as ever in our dedication to providing good service however, and as we set sail for iHeartJane we want to convey a few limitations we'll be experiencing until the new operation is cemented and implemented...

  1. Confirmation Messages... These are currently disabled for certain Phone Service Providers (case-by-case basis) and you may not receive a confirmation text after you place your order online, but rest assured: these orders are recieved immediately and processed as normal with haste.
  2. Platform Preference... While our menu is available on and we can receive orders from them: that platform is unable to accurately display our inventory and specials with effectiveness. We prefer the use of our host platform at which has graphics noting our Spotlights & Specials with a quicker relay system between your selection and our Order Fulfillment Team
  3. Delivery... Not feeling well enough to visit the facility? No worries! We've got a Delivery Service that goes from Fayetteville to Springdale, Elkins, Goshen, Farmington, and more! The minimum order to qualify for Delivery is $100 & you must have visited our Facility in-person to setup your Patient Account. Check out our shop site for more info!
  4. In-Store Service... If ordering online gives you a sense of security about your options, we encourage you to keep using it <3 But if you're someone who would be better served shopping in-person: we can happily accomodate! Our most accurate menus are actually located inside the facility where live updates of our inventory can be closely monitored and quickly implemented.


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