Medical Cannabis 101

| by: Purspirit Cannabis Co.

Getting Started with Medical Cannabis

If you’re new to medical cannabis, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the products and varieties available on the menu. So, today we’ll offer an intro course in medical cannabis to help you understand all our products and how to use them, as well as how to get registered and make a purchase. (One thing we won’t cover is getting your Medical Marijuana Card, but you can find all that info here.) In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be digging deeper into each of these topics, but here are the basics to get you started.

Registering with Purspirit Cannabis Co.

After you’ve gotten your certification and received your Medical Marijuana Card in Arkansas, you are officially ready to become a Purspirit customer. The next step is registering with Purspirit. You can do this online by filling out this form or by visiting our location and filling out the form in person. Assuming there are no hangups, you can register and make your first purchase in the same visit.

How to Make a Purchase

Once you’re registered with Purspirit, there are two ways to order. First, you can order online and pick up your order in the store. Second, you can come to the store and browse for what you want. If you choose to browse and purchase in-store, there may be a short wait during peak hours. Only customers with a valid MMJ card may enter the Dispensary. Purspirit Cannabis Co. accepts cash or debit card at point of sale and has two ATMs on site.

Understanding Our Menu

Chances are, even if you have no experience with cannabis, you are aware that the flowering part of the cannabis plant can be smoked. What you may not know is that there is a wide range of products derived from the cannabis plant that are used in totally different ways, depending on your ailment. While smoking is still the most common way to use medical marijuana, there are also vape pens, edibles, concentrates, extracts, tinctures, topicals and more.

Flower and Vaping

One easy way to understand the different products is to think purely in terms of potency. Keep in mind that the goal is not always to use the most potent product but to choose the product and potency that best mitigates your symptoms and preferences. Looking for something similar but more discrete? A vape pen may work better for you. Just know that the potency is 3-4 times higher when vaping, so be careful and work your way up a puff at a time if necessary.


The most potent smokables on the menu are our concentrates. Consisting of very high levels of concentrated THC, these concentrates have the consistency of wax and are referred to as a “crumble.” Concentrates can be sprinkled onto cannabis flower and smoked. Because of their extremely high potency, concentrates are only recommended for experienced users and should be used with caution.


Finally, edibles are another easy way to deliver the benefits of medical marijuana without involving your lungs at all. Potency is pretty much consistent across all edibles, so dosing is also more consistent. Edibles typically take about 30 minutes to take effect, and the benefits can be felt for about three hours. If a whole gummy is too much, try cutting it in half or even in quarters until a comfortable dose is reached.

If you have any questions about getting registered, making a purchase or choosing the right product, contact Purspirit Cannabis Co. or talk to your personal budtender inside the store. We will do everything to make this process easy, enjoyable and informative. Contact us for more info.


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