A Day in the Life of a Budtender

| by: Purspirit Cannabis Co.

It’s a normal weekday morning at Purspirit Cannabis Company. Still early, the customers are just starting to trickle in. The budtenders—part clerk, part caregiver, part counselor— have already been at it for over an hour unpacking boxes, placing orders and talking about their favorite cannabis strains, as most all are patients themselves. Every one of them has been onboard since the beginning. The reason is obvious—they love their jobs, and it shows.

“The smell is a perk of the job,” says a cheery budtender to a patient who refers to the aroma of the shop as “heavenly.” Everyone in the place seems to agree. The atmosphere is laid-back, open and friendly. Patients talk to budtenders and each other, discussing flower strains and their thoughts on the newest gummy flavor—apple pie. The same budtender asks about a patient’s granddaughter by name. Clearly, this is a special relationship.

“Patients” Not “Customers”

Many of the budtenders at Purspirit have backgrounds in sales, but all of them will tell you that their new job is totally different. The differences are the product itself and the relationship with the client. “There are some real tear-jerkers,” another member of the team confides, referring to terminal and trauma patients who depend on cannabis for their quality of life. Budtenders think of themselves as caregivers, and so do their patients.

Some clients do walk in and order straight from the menu, but far fewer than you would think. Older patients especially are more likely to describe the symptoms they are attempting to treat, and budtenders recommend specific strains and delivery mechanisms to fit the ailment in question. For trauma and PTSD patients, this exchange can be very personal—a testament to the trust that develops between patients and their budtenders.

Though budtenders are not certified medical professionals, they play an important role in the treatment selection process—one that’s evident when you talk to any patient. From strain recommendations to delivery to dosing, the budtender is an expert at matching products to needs. And when patients have questions about current medications, the budtenders refer the question to an on-call pharmacist affiliated with Purspirit.

“Everybody is different.”

In response to her question, a budtender instructs an elderly woman on the ins and outs of smoking dabs. The woman declines before moving onto a question about shatter. The budtender answers questions until the woman is satisfied and makes her purchase. “I love being part of something I’m passionate about, something I want to be more educated about,” the budtender shares. The customers seem equally eager to learn, and the budtenders are happy to oblige literally every question.


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