Help, My Doctor Won’t Prescribe Cannabis!

| by: Purspirit Cannabis Co.

Right now many Arkansans suffer from one or more conditions qualifying them for cannabis treatment, but for whatever reason, they cannot or have not been certified. Today, we’ll talk you through exactly what you need to do, from getting certified by a qualified physician to making your first purchase at Purspirit Cannabis Co. If you still have any questions after reading this, just contact us for more info.

Understanding Qualifying Conditions

At the moment in the State of Arkansas, there are 18 conditions which can qualify a patient to be certified to legally purchase and use cannabis products for treatment. These qualifying conditions are as follows:

Diagnosis and Certification

In order to pursue cannabis treatment in the State of Arkansas, you will need to be diagnosed with a qualified condition by a certified physician. It is very important to note that your diagnosis and certification do not need to come from the same physician. If you have already been diagnosed with a qualifying condition, and if your medical records and prescriptions support that fact, you can jump straight to getting certified.

It is not necessary that your Medical Marijuana Card certification come from your family doctor, or even the doctor who diagnosed your qualifying condition. There are facilities around the state who specialize in cannabis certification for patients with qualifying conditions. Getting certified is usually as simple as making an appointment, paying a fee of $150-300, and filling out the application. For help finding a prescribing doctor or certification clinic, visit our website or contact us anytime.

Final Steps

After you’ve been certified and applied for your Medical Marijuana Card (MMJ), the only thing left to do is wait a few days. Cards are usually issued and mailed within five business days. As soon as you receive your card, you are ready to register and become a Purspirit customer. Bring your card and ID to our store to browse our full line of cannabis flower, vapes and other products.


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